Thursday, August 9

Hari Raya Cookies - Open for Order

Hello ....

Sisters Cupcakes is now in mid of taking order for Hari Raya Aidilfitri Cookies
Please check the price and CALL US for the order/ further inquiry...

Almond London Cookies : 50 pcs/ box - RM 20.00
(packing in a plastic container as per shown below, homemade, lasting from the 3 mths)

Pineapple Tart Cookies : 50 pcs/ box - RM 18.00
(packing in a plastic container as per shown below, homemade, lasting from the 3 mths)

Also Available:

Peanut (Mazola) Cookies : 100 pcs/ box - RM 18.00
Samprit Cookies : 50 pcs/ box - RM 15.00

1- Call to check on delivery (with cost)
2- Payment is CASh / call for Maybank2u service
3- Order close 15 September 2007
4- Available in hamper form

CALL NOW!!! 0122057066 (SHIDA)

Tuesday, May 8

Cute cupcakes - Various Theme

Hello all,

These are few cupcakes from previous order. Various theme and colour.
Thanks to Abby on her order.

Wednesday, March 28

Wedding / Engagement/ Hantaran Cupcakes

Sisters Cupcakes now open for Wedding/ Engagement/ Hantaran Cupcakes.

Package per order: 20 (min), 40, 60, 80, 100 cupcakes
Topping & decor: Fondant + Sugar Paste Flower / Royal Icing Flower Decor
Choice of Flavor: Vanilla / Chocolate
Price: RM 76.00/ 20 cupcakes

Some of old orders _ Thank You

Hello....we are back ! Sorry for long break..... Sisters Cupcakes on holiday for a weeks and now back to bizz.... And ready for many orders... here are some of the 'unupdated' orders from fren......

An Arsenal surprise birthday cake for someone special on his 27th birthday. Ordered from Sue fren of Cheras. Lovely girlfren who has really understand the partner team. Wish you guys the best in relationship forever from Sisters Cupcakes.

Here is Syimi's 26th birthday cupcakes, a surprise from a lovely sister, Elly ZMS. Happy birthday Syimi and May God Bless You!!

Thursday, March 1


This is the brochure for 2007.
For clear view, please click on the image, so it will bring you the the next page where you can see it very clear.
And we can email to you as well, just let us know. Leave your email and we will reply soon.